Thursday, 27 June 2019

English by 1.000.001

It’s the naked truth,
I am writing:

A small spectacle for gods
and goddesses
and everyone else for that matter
With the title

Between the lines

I don't know how to make a draft for a script for a spectacle!
so I'll just start
as if it is quite normal for me to write
between the lines

I take it for granted that you can understand
what I write
between the lines
otherwise, you should not get started at all

It is just a very little science fiction
based on some heavy thinking now and then

I have made an almost invisible line!
(I have made it red, so it is easier to see)

Come in, the door is open
What can I do for you?

I came to see if I could get a job?

No, you can't!
I don’t have a job for anyone!

But I can see people are lining up and are working already

That's not the same as getting a job
They are started to work for themselves as their own apprentices against expected post-payment
Anyone, who wants that can do it, as long as there is space, but there is not a single one who can get a job

That's what I meant, I just expressed myself wrongly
Can I start to work as my own apprentice?

Yes, you can, as soon as you like. Everybody can, In the right order, as long as there is space

How can I start?

You can start to on-indoctrinate yourself, because it's one of the hardest things to do, so you can start for yourself when the apprenticeship is over
90% of what you are indoctrinated with must go, for it does more harm than good, it is only useful when you are one, out of many, in a group. I'd even say that all 100% might as well be removed when you do it anyway
Of course, during the same period, you have to indoctrinate yourself, so it is the new stuff there will be a part of your backbone for the future, that's almost as difficult, then it is said straight out
You should only do that if you plan to start on your own after the apprenticeship is over.
If that doesn't scare you, then make a cup of coffee for us and a piece of bread with cheese or two, then I'll find a few notes so I don't forget too many things. The kitchen is over there in the corner. There is everything you need, just keep it calm, I have plenty of time for that price

What do you mean?
For that price?
I have not paid anything!

No, not yet, I don’t hope you pay too many for anything before you've got something, but once you've got something, then you'll pay me thirty thousand Chinese yuan for today and it's not because you've got an opportunity to make coffee for us, it is because you are spending my time. You'll pay that every time you are coming here. Nearly everyone will pay that, every time they are coming here. Then it’s said in advance, don’t come here unless it is necessary

Thirty thousand Chinese yuan? That’s a lot, for the rest of the day!

I've been here the whole day and it's not me who decided what time you came. The price is for a day, I think that corresponds to many others price, if they know what they are talking about. I don't really know that because I don't care too much about others price, that's my price, now it's said straight out. In fact, you do not have to come here, everything I will tell you, you can as well find on your own, by looking a bit here and there

Can't I have a small discount on the price when it is me who is making the coffee?

No, you can't, it's just before you have to pay more because it was me who told you where the kitchen is. You might also think it's too much then, that I will take half of what you earn during your apprenticeship?

Yes, I do indeed, I have never heard before that anyone has paid anything for an apprenticeship

It's because you're not thinking yet, in the right paths, but it's one of the first things you'll learn before you can get out of the start holes. Actually, It's not an apprenticeship with a guarantee that you will learn anything, it's an apprenticeship where you with a guarantee can learn everything you need to get a good start, if you want to.
If you don't earn anything while you are learning something, then there's not too much for me either, for the half of nothing is not a lot, so I'm doing whatever I can to make you earn a good deal, in my opinion. One thousand Chinese yuan per hour, that's what I think is good as your part after you've given me my part. The first time you don't give me my part, then it's out of the door, but I don't have to say that of course, it's logic for chickens.
I do not think I will earn a lot because of you, once you've learned enough to think you're ready to start for yourself, therefore am I taking my part from the start, but only of what you have earned. You can never come in debt to me and you can pack your stuff at any time and leave me, free as a bird. You can also come back again at any time, if there still is space. If you sometimes don't have time to learn something, then you don't have to pay me anything, but you postpone the time when you're ready to start for yourself, it’s as easy as that.
For most people, there's a maximum of 365,000 Chinese yuan per year, after I've got my part. But then the tongue must also be kept straight in the mouth, because it takes one hour’s work every single day all year round to reach that and who can do that, without one or more collaborators

Are you crazy, that's a lot of money, it's more than I've ever earned throughout my life and I feel I've been well paid

Have you ever worked for yourself before?

What do you mean? I've always been employed, but I've been it so I could get something to myself for what I did

Yes, but if you work for others, in most places on the globe, the employer has the hair in the mailbox. If you get sick, get hurt, get pregnant, get old, need to be educated, want a vacation and what do I know, because the employer has made an agreement with the unions before anyone dares to work for them. All the expenses associated with that, can't be paid as salary.
If you work for yourself, then it's yourself there are standing with your hair in the mailbox, there is no dear mother if it goes wrong, but there are many who wants a part of the cake if it goes well, so one thousand Chinese yuan per hour is not particularly much during the apprenticeship, but that's the way it is and I don't plan to change that.
I have planned to show you what you can expect, so you don’t start as blindfolded. I will continue with that right away, so I don’t waste your time
Are you still listening?


OK, then I will continue
The whole idea starts with something that is as easy as finding one million needles, in some haystacks, when the haystacks are found, which would like to learn something new, without having to go through a needle's eye. Then it cannot be said more clearly, except, it's not needles I'm looking for of course, but people.
One million, that's what I can use to cover the market according to my best estimate, which is made with both eyes wide open.
I can't and won't go through millions of applications, from people who feel they can do what needs to be done, which doesn't tell me anything anyway and I don't want to let others do it either, for that doesn't change anything.
I want to see black on white what the applicants want and what they can. I will also ask you, right away, when I have you here anyway, what do you want and what can you, and will you do what is necessary, so you can start to earn 365,000 Chinese yuan a year in your spare time, for one hour's work every day of the year?
That's what is left for you after you have paid me because you are looking over my shoulders.
I will say this right away, without blinking, then it is done. There are also 365,000 Chinese yuan left for me, for my shoulders and name. There is no dear mother to help you, but there are many others who would be eager to help you, sooner or later, for a heavy fee. Be aware of them.
I need to invest around two times 30,000 Chinese yuan right at the start, for a little equipment and insurances, so you can get started, that money must be paid back immediately.
The very first money you earn must return to me, along with my profit, so I can invest it all again, on a little equipment and insurances, for two others.
It's totally risk-free, at least I can't see any risk, for if you by some inexplicable reason don't want to look over my shoulders anyway, or has put the wood shoes, as we say in Danish when somebody dies, then you are free from me. I don't even want any money or equipment back. You are out of my memory right away.
You need a little indoor space, with a temperature ordinary mortals can work in, with ordinary household electricity and access to clean water. It only needs to be a few square meters and can easily be a corner of a bigger room, but it is used 24 hours a day when you produce.
You need to have a computer with internet access, so you can communicate with me and others and you must be able to transfer money to one of my bank accounts once a month, equivalent to 30,000 Chinese yuan, when everything goes well, it doesn't matter which method you use for that, but you must be able to do it.
You may not hire other people to do the work, not even a part of the work, instead of doing it yourself, no matter what you pay for it, now it is said straight out. You are out of my memory right away if you do that.
If you only want to work half the time, of what is possible, then the income is only the half for both of us, that's alright, but thirty days a year is the least you may settle for, once you have paid me back, if you want to look over my shoulders.
The first three months you look over my shoulders, you must work every day to pay my money back, after that you can decide on your own how much you want to work if there is enough work.
When there is too little work to be done, everyone will be cut equally, almost, those who have just started will get full time the first three months so I can get my money back, but there won't be others who start, before all those who have started are making everything they want again.
The rest will be cut from seven days a week to six, but those who only work six days already will not be affected. Must there be cut down to five days a week then they will be affected, but those who only work five days already will not be affected. This is how it goes down until there is more to be done, then it goes up again in the same manner
Are you still listening?


OK, then I will continue
The advertising which is needed, to find one million people who want to look over my shoulders, must be done by somebody, against expected post-payment, for money is a city in Russia I had almost said, but I don't have money of that magnitude, then it is said straight out.
Anyone who will advertise, in one way or another, to find others who will look over my shoulders, will get their payment when they are producing if they advertise on my terms. This also applies to you of course.
You can advertise in several different ways, which will be paid in several different ways. Simple advertising on social media counts as 100 Chinese yuan per unique advertisement, per media. It doesn't matter how big your circles are in the various media, the work is the same for you.
A simple advertisement delivered in a mailbox, in random areas all over the globe, counts as 1000 Chinese yuan per 100 delivered advertisements. That kind of advertising is especially good when you are far away from home, for some reason or another. That could be as a crewmember on an airplane, ship, train or any other kind of crewmember, if you have a day off, away from home. It could also be that you have a job away from home or is on holiday. 
Simple advertising delivered to a mailbox in a defined area in which there can be delivered throughout the area counts as 1000 Chinese yuan per 100 delivered advertisements. That kind of advertising is especially good in the area where you live and can advertise when it suits you.
A simple advertisement delivered to each of your friends doesn't count anything but is still a good idea, especially with later cooperation in mind.
That's what you can earn by advertising in the first place, against expected post-payment. It's money I have to pay you, but I don't have a dime for that before I don't need to invest anymore to get other started, so you won't get your payment before that time.
In addition to that, you will get 30,000 Chinese yuan, per year, for each of those who look over my shoulders because of your advertising, as long as you are still looking over my shoulders.
There must be gathered 1% of the one million people who can look over my shoulders, and they must be willing to train others before anything can start for real, so the sooner they are gathered, the sooner everyone will start to earn 365,000 Chinese yuan per year.
The rest will be gathered nearly automatically, faster than necessary, so forget about them in the beginning.
As soon as one million people are gathered, who wish to look over my shoulders, then you may not advertise anymore
Are you still listening?


OK, then I will continue
The production will start when 1% of the people who can look over my shoulders are gathered together.
Out of that 10,000 people, are the first who will start to produce, those who will be head for a group of people, while they themselves are a part of the group.
The first two who will begin to produce must look me over my shoulders at the place where I live. It's the two which are at the top of the list, it's as easy as that.
They can look over my shoulders the last week before they have to start to produce for themselves, then I've had a month to practice, and they are ready to start right away when they are home again. They must eat and sleep at my place, under primitive conditions and they must pay their share of the food and the full price for the journey back and forth, but nothing else in the beginning.
When they have paid me the 60,000 Chinese yuan I have invested, then they have to pay 30,000 Chinese yuan to me, as a special royalty, for the one week's training which is mandatory, even if it's not me who has taught them.
It basically means that there is not a single Chinese yuan for themselves before the end of the first four months.
To put this in a nutshell, then it means that the first 120,000 Chinese yuan will go to me, the next 180,000 Chinese yuan will be shared equally, then they can work as little as they want, and they can keep my part as postponed payment until everything is paid.
They have to train two others when they have been producing for three weeks after a one-week training, under exactly the same conditions.
These are the conditions for the half of one million who wants to start first. The last half who are going to produce will not have any to train.
There will be a schedule showing when it is your turn to start and where in the world you can choose to go for the training.
It will change all the time, so it's one you need to keep an eye on until you've been trained.
That means you have to leave the work you normally do and get someone else to do it, one way or another.
There's no dear mother, and that's not something I can help you with.
The production itself does not require any special skills, so if you are able to cope with yourself in everyday life, physically and mentally, can understand a little English, can divide any number with two and find 10% of any number, then everything is fine. It must, of course, also be legal for you to work independently, wherever you are living
Are you still listening?


OK, then I will continue
The security is that you can stop to look over my shoulders at any time without owing anyone as much as a Chinese yuan, but a fixed income does not exist, you have to count the surplus as pocket money.
You can be sure that no new ones will get started before you have got the amount of work you want. As long as the market is not covered, there are no problems, but in times of recession then it is not the newcomers who have to stop again, no one has to stop completely at any time.
The work is distributed equally among everyone who does not by themselves take a break in the production until it gets going again. When demands are small, then you are welcome to produce and stock it up, at your own expense, and when the demand becomes greater than we can or will produce, then you can sell your stock before any new are being trained.
You cannot turn up the production with the equipment you have, you can only turn it down or stop it completely, and then turn it up again to normal. But you may well stock up to offset the worst bumps but at your own expense. It does not require much storage space, but it requires a little money for the raw materials
Are you still listening?


OK, then I will continue
The education is quick and effective because it is almost one-man teaching, where one who has learned something must teach and guide two others until they also have learned something so they each can teach and guide two others
Are you still listening?


OK, then I will continue
The information will be posted on the bulletin board so everyone can see everything, but in return, everyone must make sure to check the bulletin board to get all the information.
There will among other things be written what each one has made and earned, it should not be a secret to anyone, as it is many places and therefore creates unnecessary speculations
Are you still listening?


OK, then I will continue
Headhunting is so easy and cheap that it might as well be a lie, but it is not. Everybody, until one million is gathered together, will get an advertisement but not at the same time and no one can react to anything before they have seen the advertisement, nor can you.
It's when you have seen it and the eyes begin to roll in different directions at the same time that it clearly shows if you are mowing or not, it's obvious to everyone.
It costs a fortune to advertise but it does not cost a penny to sort, so the right people are coming, in the right places
Are you still listening?

I am leaving

Are you leaving already?

Yes, I don't want to spend more time here than necessary,
I'd rather go home and advertise a little for the future

OK, then I will stop and wish you and yours a prosperous future

Here is another almost invisible line!
(I have also made this one red, so it is easier to see)

That is not much science fiction
if I have to say it myself

It's not at all as difficult as it seems

This is all it took to make a kind of draft for a kind of script
which can be used for many things

I imagine that the script could be used as the basis for a video
if anyone should want to make such one,
where there could be shown a few worksheets and charts
to give an overview and a better understanding maybe
I have, of course, a link to something which could be used for that
I have another link to something which also could be used for that

It can be corrected by anyone, sooner or later, and polished in all eternity,
but I am so excited
that I'll rather spend somebody's time by making the phone books I have in mind

I have by the way placed a link to
Klamphuggeren's phone books


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